Friday, August 19, 2011

I'll covet your prayers

I wish I could get out of this complaining mode.  I have Kate's song from Bible School "I'm gonna adjust my attitude, with gratitude". Wish I could do that.  I let yesterday's bad mood affect me all day. I washed my phone. with the sheets!!! I never would have thought I'd wash my phone... it's never in any pocket. It's so disappointing.  I am mostly feeling lost because I fear I'll get into an accident some time and not have my phone. So, I'm wondering what I need to do... I'm going to call Verizon today and might need to make a quick trip to GF. That would be okay... something to do I suppose. There's a girl that has offered me her phone to use until I figure out what i'll do. I have been looking on Ebay but not finding a whole lot. I am hoping that by writing this it will help me release my dissapointing thoughts and that prayers would be offered for me! Silly, I know... but I think Satan is really trying to get me down. He is using this to make me feel bad among other things.

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