Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a little delay

Each day I set my alarm a little before 6:30. This allows me to fully wake up, eat breakfast, do my devotions, and maybe unload the dishwasher or start it for the day. This morning I had changed my alarm to just a little before 7 a.m., and it went off at 6:30! So, I got up. In no way am I mad, but I thought that was a little odd. I am actually grateful that I got up so quickly because I seem to have a lot to do. This morning I am hosting our small group bible study at the house because we were not able to meet at night. I am so thankful we keep pushing through the weeks-- sometimes we can't meet, but I feel like everyone is sacrificing some so that we can.  I still have to do my devotions this morning and then I'd like to clean up around the house and put some type of quick-bread in. I bought a boxed mix for such occasions!

Yesterday I made a different kind of focaccia bread... it was like a deep dish pizza. so good! Here it is before I put it into the oven.

 And here it is after. It had tons of good flavor.

I am a little dissapointed that it rained. It would have been really nice to keep going with harvest but hopefully after this rain we can get going again. The above pictures are from yesterday.. to show you a little about what happens when we bring out meals. Usually the loading center is in the back of our yukon. It really is fun unless it's super hot and the bugs are biting!

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