Wednesday, August 3, 2011

time is slipping away

Wow.  It has been really hard to wake up the last few days. I set my alarm for 6:30 and sometimes I don't get out of bed until 7. Today at least it was 6:45 but I was pretty grumpy. Poor Peter, he was such a good sport. He just kept saying that I was a stinker or "you're something else" and laughed.

I have many things on my to-do list today. The last three nights have been VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church, so we've been there from 6-8:30 which amounts to late bedtimes. The kids do well at sleeping in because of this. I've been taking photos for the website/facebook page and also for a craft they will do Thursday, so I'm in the process of editing and uploading them to Walmart's One Hour Lab so that we can get them back tonight. I sure hope they turn out. I'm behind on laundry, dishes, meals, editing, baking (peter can't pack a lunch so I have to figure out what I could bring out to him; he's also asked for baked snacks) and I'd really like to work out. Monday I was too tired, Tuesday I was gone all day, and today it seems I'm too busy! I think tonight for VBS I might do a drop-off with Kate since there's nothing for Maddy to do and I'll come back later to pick her up. I've volunteered to help with things but they don't really say anything so it gets to be long when we just sit around and watch.

Yesterday I was scheduled for a dentist appointment, and an hour before I was to leave, they called to cancel. She had a sick child. That was kind of a bummer but I still went because I had to bring Peter to GF so he could get snacks for the farm for Harvest (water, juice, chips,-the whole back was filled with stuff) and so he could do paperwork and bring back a new truck they purchased. He dropped me off at a store and went to Sams to do his stuff, then we ate at a really slow restaurant, and then I brought him to Amazing Grains so that he could bring back the cold items since I would be in GF for a little while longer.  He was then dropped off at the truck place. I called him after I had gone to one store and was at Target and he informed me he ran out of gas!! The gauge was off and he was halfway home, and ran out of gas. He was so dissapointed. He sat there for about an hour or longer to get help, and by that time I had already made it to Warren. Poor guy. I hope his day is better today. Well, since I have so much to do I better get started instead of blogging!

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