Friday, August 6, 2010

taking forever

just a quick update on today.  I DID wake up and go jogging! But i hated it, but it was worth it. I definitely prefer going to the gym for sure.  I think mostly it is is because I am in such bad shape. Anyway, I went to my mother in laws where all the girls had a sewing day. I worked on my quilt for Kate for quite a while today, and it felt like I hardly got anything done.  However, I did get a ton of tedious cutting done, which would have taken me several days of 2 hour nap breaks to get it done!  So now I can start sewing the remaining 24 strips and then i can start laying them out and sewing large blocks together.  FINALLY. but it's taking forever.

Peter and the crew have been working l-o-n-g days. They come home at 10pm every night! I am excited to have date nights back! Well gotta go, Peter's home.


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