Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Got through Day1

Well, day 1 wasn't too bad... but i thought it would be easier! I mixed my shake and it was really chalky and was a lot of calories. So when it came time for lunch, I modified it and it tasted much better and probably 100 calories less.  Now this morning it was even better and a bit less calories. So, i am hoping that it won't be such a hassle to drink. I know it's a hassle to mix up because our mixer is connected to a bosch mixer so i have to drag the whole thing out just to make a smoothie.

I did work out yesterday too for about an hour.  Now this morning I am going for a walk with a friend and hoping to burn some more calories.  I was kind of watching how many calories I was burning while on the treadmill so I'd get an idea on how much i would burn in a half hour of just walking. It was at least 100 calories.

This morning I was soooooooo tired!! I could hardly get up. And when I did, I was practically falling asleep! My body was sore too. I wonder if this is just an effect from yesterdays day.  I got hungry about 11:00  and then my afternoon smoothie really filled me up til 3, then I got really hungry. Then it seemed like i was hungry all the time the rest of the day. So i tried to snack on a few things without over doing it, but I was still hungry. I think it was just my body getting used to only eating a certain amount of calories a day, so hopefully today will be better and the rest of the week too.  Anyway, I better go!

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