Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5th

I dont know what titles to put sometimes. Anyway, today went well, but I was up a little earlier than normal and now I am starting to get tired. I am so happy that I did pretty good on my diet again today, went for a couple of walks and tried to do some exercising in my living room... that didn't go too well. My hope for tomorrow is to wake up earlier and go for a short jog. Like probably only 15-20 minutes. But that is still something! I hate jogging. And during nap time, which i am thankful both slept about 2.5 hours, so i got my kitchen pretty clean and throughout the day i washed a few loads of clothes, and cleaned up around the house. It will be nice to wake up to that. I love that feeling, so I hope it stays though out the weekend.  Then while i was uploading pictures to my blog, i went outside and cleaned the car, watered the flowers, cleaned out their backpacks and put them in the wash, and now i am folding clothes. I have so much energy!!

Here's some more favorite pictures from the week:

The second to the last picture is Emily, the girl who is helping us this summer with all the kids. and the next photo is my flower beds. Each year I like to take a picture of what I planted so I can compare what arrangements worked out best. 
well, off to bed. Hope I can fall asleep so I won't be tired tomorrow!

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