Saturday, August 7, 2010

sigh of relief

Just going to write quickly about my day.  We got another day of combining in today. It seemed like a really confusingly long day. They were short with help in the morning and so I drove in to help move trucks and combines, and then brought out lunch from the cafe, hurried home to feed the kids, then down for naps, and began to work on supper. But, kate never did fall asleep and she ended up waking up maddy one hour into her nap.  It was a really long day, so I am very thankful it is over now. Even bedtime was a disaster. I also got a visitor today, which was expected but I was not feeling well today at all. Day 6 of my diet was blown when I misunderstood where they were combining and ended up driving around for 15 minutes. I honestly started having an ugly cry in my yukon!  At this point the girls were speechless and I just couldn't control myself.  Now that I think about it, I laugh, but still!! So from then on I had a peice of chocolate pie, a cookie, and some koolaid.  Obviously that is not an extreme amount of food but each day this week I would only allow a taste of any type of dessert, so I am not proud of my night but it is definitely not the end of the world. 

Anyway, hopefully this week I will get back on track and lose some weight actually!

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