Thursday, August 12, 2010

rain go away!

Don't get me wrong, the last three days of Peter not combining 'til 10 was awesome!!! But.... they've got about 4 1/2 days of good combining left.  That's kind of sad but I am trying to be hopeful that this too does not drag on like most every harvest. If only the weather would cooperate.  It has been super nice though, -- what a nice change to have him home. I feel like this year has been way busier than most years i've been married to him.  He was gone a lot during planting, and then since he sprays most everything,  he worked really long days before harvest. So really, I had already gotten used to him being gone before harvest started, but with meals mixed into it -it  has made it more tiring. 

Today during lunch he came home with a white rose. What a sweetie. We had gotten into a small argument last night and he said he felt that God woke him up during his sleep and convicted him that he was wrong in the argument.  What a blessing to have a Godly husband.

Yesterday we went to GF and Peter finished getting tools for the farm so he dropped me off at JoAnns. Yikes! I never knew I could spend so much time at that store!   I got fabric for 4 throw-pillows for my couch, and some fabric for a skirt... possibly two skirts, or else I might use that fabric for pillows again. We also got the stepping stones for our project alongside the house (going to our backyard) and some groceries. It was a nice "date".  :)  

Since i missed my work out yesterday, I went today and my mom watched the girls for an hour. I thought i did good, and though I woke up in a bad mood and a headache, I am glad I went to work out because it made me feel much better.  I lifted some weights too.When I put on a pair of jeans today, they felt a little loose, (could it be just my imagination?) I dont know, i'm weighing tomorrow.  During nap time I rushed to get some photos organized, lists made for the Jewelery party i'm hosting with my friend, and I finished sewing my blocks on Kate's quilt!!!!!!!!  Yay! So, i have to iron and cut those (1/4 inch shorter b/c i messed up with the other blocks) and then I get to do the final step, which is sew bigger blocks together and just keep adding to the quilt. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I've been walking with a friend around Stephen. It has been so nice to have a friend who wants to get exercise too. It gets lonely walking by myself. So here's a couple pictures I took so I could display something on my blog!

and look at my two big girls. 

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