Monday, August 16, 2010

go to bed late, wake up early

that's what my kids do. I bet you a nickel they will be up before 7 tomorrow, and they went to bed after 9 tonight.  I am wishing they will sleep in.  Today was my day to cook and it was a pretty easy meal but I am exhausted from having to clean up. I tried my best to clean as I went but when I bring home the two crock pots and all the dishes we used to bring out there, my kitchen is piled high now. I did my exercising this afternoon. I went at 1:45 and got out at 3. I feel I had a really good work out. I pushed myself harder because I made some bars and had half of one, which I know are a ton of calories. Plus, I dont even really know how much weight i've lost because my scale keeps fluctuating. That is so frustrating!! I want to lose 3 more pounds and my half goal will be reached. I am planning to stop after that and then do this diet again in the winter when I have more time to go to the gym. I dont think 2 days a week is cutting it.

Without blabbing on and on, and with 3 more harvests to go (whenever grain harvest gets done, if it ever will)  I will be so happy to be done this year with farming.  I have a feeling it's going to be a really really long two months.

Here's some pictures from this week, or mostly today. I accidentally picked my basil plant, so i had to freeze it.

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