Monday, August 9, 2010

so hot!

Today was brutally hot. I started off my day with going to the gym and had a pretty good work out. I can tell I am already building my stamina. While I hope to lose some weight, my ultimate goal is to feel better about myself, which I think can happen if I continue to work out. It seemed like again, I was in the kitchen all day. The girls took a really good nap and so I was able to get most of what I needed to get done during those two and a half hours. At 3:30 we went to the pool which was a nice treat, but it was almost TOO hot to do that! Bringing food out was not fun in the heat either, so we packed up and left before 7. One of the combines broke down today... it's such a bummer. I think we all want to get done. Tomorrow I am going to a  jewelery party I was invited to from a girl at my church,  so I am looking forward to that. I am  hopeful that it doesn't rain just yet; with this intense heat I am a bit worried about hail and severe weather. But... I guess I need to leave that in Gods hands.

I haven't really been taking any pictures lately.. which is a good thing for me because the last couple weeks I haven't really had time to edit and upload.  Here's a couple just from the fair.  Well, time for bed!

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