Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thought I was caught up on printing pictures?!

I am so lazy right now. Yesterday was so busy I hardly sat down once. But that's ok; just the way I like it! It seems like the day after a busy day, I get incredibly lazy and don't have any motivation at all.  I will explain yesterday to you: (by the way, most of the cooking was done during nap time, but Emily was here to play with the girls when they were awake)
  • I went to bible study, which is always fun. 
  • Got home, ate, and started on the beans and rice
  • Made carrot cupcakes with mascarpone cheese frosting
  • Took pictures and helped with the project of piling sand in our new swing area
  • got supper together and brought victor home (visited some friends, had a great time!)
But we got home at 9:20~ and gave the girls a snack and washed up for bed, and then I tried to clean up after supper and put the rub on the pulled pork that i'm making today. So we didn't get to bed early at all, and the girls woke up early too. So, today I have to pack for the long weekend, wash clothes and try to clean up the house before we leave, and pack for the girls, figure out our supper for tonight and if i want to make another dessert (not really!) but instead I am uploading and editing pictures. I don't feel too bad though, while uploading i did some clothes and straightened up a few rooms. Here's my fav. pictures from yesterday, most are on facebook already:


  1. great pictures-- again!!!
    those cupcakes look DELISH! I am probably going to end up making rice krispies bars for girls night!!! :)

  2. I got the recipe here:

    but i used mini cupcakes, and i used a boxed carrot cake mix. EASY!!! You can get the mascarpone cheese at target. it's $4 though, and i only used half the container.