Thursday, July 29, 2010

last day

My small group bible study has been such a blessing to me this summer. Not only did i have more homework, (which was also a blessing, because sometimes I need to extra push to finish a book) but I got to know a few more girls that I normally wouldn't have.

There's about 4-5 missing from this group, two are about my age and 3 are a little older. We had a salad luncheon yesterday which was so fun; we made all salads, no meat, just all pasta,vegetable, lettuce, and rice salads. I know we are looking at possibly a marriage bible study, so our hubbies can join in, but for sure we are looking to continue. It is nice to be with encouraging christians!!

Then yesterday Kate had swimming lessons, which is a week long, from Monday-Monday (Monday is her test) and today they got to go in the big pool.  They practice jumping in and going into the deep waters with the teachers. Kate had fun, but she was too scared to jump in and too scared to go in the deep waters.  I hope she will pass.  :(    It is hard for me to see her so fearful of everything, from water, to a potty chair! 

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