Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 3

Today has been a pretty laid-back day. Last night I didn't fall asleep til 12:45. I laid and laid and laid there, and finally I fell asleep. But kate woke up at 1:06 and was crying... so I went to her room. She was in bed still, but scared again. I assured her everything was ok, and shut the lights off, but noticed the living room light (where the door is) was on.  That made me really freaked out....I have been locking all the doors, every single night for that reason. Then Maddy woke up at 7, so I got about 6 hours of sleep. I woke up a visitor that comes by about once a month, and that put me in a bad mood, mostly because today I went to a wedding, and I didn't want this guests' company :)   Anyway, i decided not to go outside til after 10, so I could just rest. We went upstairs and I decided to sew a few of my blocks. The kids surprisingly played nice...but I am feeling like I will never get this quilt done!!!

I went for a bike ride, despite my guest, and then when I put the kids to bed for a nap, I tried to take a nap but couldn't. I must have it in my head that I can't fall asleep while Peter's gone. I am so tired. I didn't take any pictures today besides a couple of Maddy, and the wedding. Here are a few of my favorites: (PS, it was HOT OUT!!)

I think I will read for a while to get sleepy. Tomorrow I am not sure if I am going to church because it's at the fairgrounds in Hallock....two small kids, grand stands, one adult.... (with a visitor).... =might not be a good idea.

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