Friday, July 30, 2010

start of harvest

Yesterday was the start of harvest! It was kind of weird.  Yesterday was a pretty good day - in the morning the cleaning ladies came and did the carpet in the living room and part of the dining room. They had so many stains. Not all are gone, but it is a huge improvement!!! Then while they were here, I went for a half hour power walk, and a half hour bike ride. The kids liked that because then we went to the park afterward.  I am hoping to do more exercising to lose some inches; i've finally just had enough. I am determined!

Then yesterday swimming lessons went much better. I had to bribe kate with candy of course, but she finally went in, and was even jumping in! Once she tried it, she loved it and had lots of fun. So, I just have to find something that she cannot resist for going on the potty chair. I am looking to God for answers and hoping soon he can tell me!!

Here's a few favs from yesterday

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