Saturday, July 24, 2010


This weekend has been very eventful. I made a few cards, here they are:

On Friday we filled their kiddie pool, & had summerfest in stephen so I brought the girls to 'art in the park', and to the parade, and off to my nephews birthday party.  Peter worked in the morning to try to get a little more prepared for harvest (boo) so I took the kids to the "art in the park"- they had lots of fun activities for the kids- i'm really glad we went. They had bubbles, necklace making, face painting, several painting (finger, Easel, etc) play dough, and a few other things. Then the helicopter came right over us and dropped paper plates with dollar amounts typed on them. You could cash them in. We got a couple, but they were only $.50 a piece, so we gave them to a couple kids who were older, and crying because they didn't get one! Then we went home to nap, where I fell asleep and woke up just in time to bring Kate to the kiddie parade. We met up with Tom and Robyn Widner, and Nathan and Michaela Sustad. It was fun to be with friends. Stephen was really packed with people this year!!  Here's some pictures from the weekend.

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