Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Last night, like most nights, I couldn't sleep.  We got back from GF about 9:30 or 9:45 and had to put the kids to bed (poor kids!!) and then we unloaded groceries.  I just hate lying in bed when I'm really tired, and not being able to fall asleep. But I do know, and trust, that it's because God wants me to be praying. Or at least that's how I've felt lately. Yesterday during nap time I had a really nice time just being outside on the deck, listening to music.  I looked at Kari Jobe's you tube channel (my favorite singer) and noticed she had a new video out, promoting her new song.  It's called, You Are For Me.  I listened to that a bunch of times, and then also Revelation Song.  It was a really good way to just spend with God even though I was just listening to music.

It has been really weird, if not disturbing to me what God has laid on my heart to be praying about lately.  I feel that I need to be praying for all the rape victims.  A few weeks ago, maybe even a whole month ago, i heard about this small girl, probably kate's age, who was raped and murdered.  From then on I've just been feeling heavy on my heart to pray for those girls, any age.  Then last night I heard another story of a rape victim.  How AWFUL would that be to have happen to you, someone you love, or your DAUGHTER??!!!   So, I just have been praying hard for those girls... of all ages, because I feel that God wants me to, even if it's just to save one. I pray that he would bring rescue to the girls, and I even pray for the person who is doing this crime.  If you ever feel the need to pray for something like that... do it.  I feel like my prayers might even save my own girls from this.

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