Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weird Day

Today has sort of been a weird day!  About 2 months ago I got a letter in the mail that I had to serve jury duty. I filled out information and sent it back. A week ago I got another letter in the mail stating I had to come Tuesday, April 13th, at 9 am.  This meant I might be selected, or I might not. Unfortunately this was the same day as Madelyns year appointment.  I couldnt really get out of it, so I went hoping I wouldnt get chosen and would be able to make her appointment.  I got chosen, and I had to miss the appointment. It was an interesting experience. Not even a half hour into the case, we get called out so they could discuss something. The next thing I know, the judge is in the room telling us we are dismissed, as new information was discovered.  Ok!! At that time, it was 1:30.  Maddy's appointment was 1:15.  So, I guess I was a little dissapointed that we couldnt go, but relieved that I experienced the Lords protection! I truly believe He was protecting me from something happening. There's a reason I was not able to make it to her appointment, especially after the case was dismissed, which I don't think happens that often.  And even if it wasn't that exact reason, I am still thankful for His timing and His purpose. 

So anyway,  that's that. Now I am back at home with both kids napping (Kay Ellerbusch came in to watch my kids, SO THANKFUL!!) and soon Peter will be home.  I got the cabinets upstairs and my table set up. I am SO excited to start scrapbooking.  I was a tiny bit dissapointed I couldnt serve jury duty b/c you get $10 a day plus mileage.. and I thought.. I can buy a cricut cartridge!!! I was so excited!! but, I will have to wait to get it as a gift or something.  :)   I have been sort of searching for sewing machines too. I know some day I want to get one, but I would have to wait for a gift too. Anyone know of any good reliable sewing machines?

I will be taking some pictures of my new space soon.. once I can find some curtains to hang up there. We have an old bathroom sink/drawers (no counter or sink) that I think we want to get rid of. If you want it, it's yours. Originally I wanted to use it for someting but I think i need to get rid of it now that I have cabinets. And I have to take pictures of the swingset!!! It is coming along, but still lots more to do.  So excited to share. Well, here's just a few pictures i already posted on facebook. 

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