Friday, April 23, 2010


It is naptime now and I think I might do some sewing. I have been so thankful the girls are napping at the same time now. Since it's been so nice out, we've been outside most of the morning and then they both just take naps in the afternoon. Knock on wood though, I dont want to jinx myself.  Here's some pictures of my 'new' room...... it would be nice to rip out the flooring because it is hardwood under there. I am just too lazy to remove all of the furniture and rip.  I have to get a peice of countertop (which I have, just needs to be cut) and then maybe a better chair and some trim around the windows.  I have an old pair of curtains that do just fine for now. I love scrapbooking there. I think I get more done!
I got these cute racks at a woman's close-out sale in her garage in DL.

I decided I needed a spot to put my gift bags and another to put all of my tissue paper.

I had this rack downstairs and it wasnt used except for a decoration. I plan to get more wire baskets (I have no idea where the rest are) to store some scrapbooking things. Or if I get a sewing machine, maybe some sewing supplies since I will put my sewing machine below.

Here's a cute card I made.

And here is my quilt.. s-l-o-w-l-y getting done, with no ambition because I am not sure I am doing it right!

Well better get busy.

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  1. cute-- love how the sewing room is coming along!!!