Monday, April 12, 2010

My weekend

Sorry it's been a whole week since I posted. I have lots of material to post, just not enough time it seems. It's Monday today and I am busy washing laundry and trying to clean up the house a bit.  Doesn't it always seem that your house is a lot messier if your kitchen has dishes that need to be washed or put into the dishwasher? Today I tried coaxing Kate to go in the potty. At least she put on big girl underwear, but nothing. She is not wanting to go in the potty... for some reason, I just don't know why. I am trying to be peaceful that it will happen sometime, hopefully before she goes to preschool and that it won't be really stressful for both Kate and I. 
This weekend, or part of a weekend anyway, I went to a scrapbooking retreat.  Me, along with 11 other girls stayed in a cabin and scrapbooked alll dayyyy longggg. About half of us stayed up til 1:30 friday night to scrapbook, and i started 8 am the next morning, showered and ready to go. There was a huge 50% off sale at this woman's house who previously owned a business-- I am not sure if she was forced to close down or if it was her choice.  It was good for me to get this awesome sale. I got tons of paper and a few racks for storing things, and also lots of ribbon and buttons. I bought what I thought I needed. I left Friday at 12:30 pm and stayed til Saturday at 3pm the next day.  It was so much fun and I would for sure do it again. The best part was coming home to two excited girls who missed me. My first time away from both of them at the same time during the night!!
I forgot to mention that some quilted, some made cards, but most scrapbooked. Here's some of the work I got done. I had boughten a pre-made scrapbook for Maddy, but found that a lot of it was really not so cute. So I spent a lot of time wripping out what was in there and re-doing it. Some things I left though because it wasn't that bad.  Here's some of the pages I did.

I am hoping to get my 'room' done this week. I've got the cabinets up there and most things are organized. I just need to put my table up there and put some curtains up and then i can get back finishing the scrapbook. I thought I would get more done, but i only got about 6-7 pages done. I might have been able to do more but I spent a lot of time pondering how to fix the ugly pages that came in the book!! :)  Oh yeah... I got picked for jury duty :(  What are the chances.  AND its the same day of Maddy's year appointment (Tuesday, tomorrow) so.... I guess 35 get picked, and 21 get chosen to serve. Pray that I am not one of the 21 chosen. Maddy wont be able to get in for another month for her appointment and when I asked if that would be ok... she said it was debatable. She gets 3 new shots.  Anyway, Mondays are always so busy so i better get back to my work.

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