Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend has been so much fun.  It never really started for me until Saturday but Peter got home late Friday night and we went to bed early because we both had to wake up earlier than normal. I went to a Beth Moore simulcast that I heard about through my church and that was hosted at the Lancaster Covenant Church.  She spoke about insecurities and on Ephesians 4.  She talked about how we let little things get to us, such as when someone looks at us the wrong way or when we see a pretty woman we instantly feel threatened, or when we think someone has better clothes than us, or is better at something than us, we instantly have a 'hardened heart' or a cold heart because we are insecure! I never thought about it that way! But it does make sense. She said something that really hit me:  How would a SECURE woman respond in this situation?   So i guess i need to ask myself that question each time I feel somehow threatened by someone or a situation. 

She talked about being a poster child- In Ephesians 4: 17-24 it talks about removing your old self and putting on the new self that you have learned through God.  Isaiah 48:6 says God has given you NEW things, do not remember the past (or dwell on them).   She also talked about being a perfectionist, and how that is a sign of insecurity. And that's true too.  For instance, I dont leave the house without makeup. I dont want anyone to see my face... I am insecure. Security makes us think less of ourselves and helps us not to obsess about ourselves.

She said, too, that insecurity is unbelief. Jer. 9:20 says Open your ears to the words of his mouth. Believe what God says!  Remember what you were taught, Ephesians 4:21. 

That's what I remember anyway, I am excited to read her book soon. I took a few cute pictures this weekend that I will post maybe tomorrow.  I have bible study tonight so I better go!

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  1. sounds like a wonderful speaker - will look for her book too