Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Revelation Song" - Gateway Worship, Song led by Kari Jobe


  1. Kristen,
    Drink in the Revelation Song and the blues will go away. Praise always chases away discouragement and a "bad mood." (silly girl)
    Did you attend the Beth Moore simulcast recently? Your sister in Christ, Amy

  2. There's one this Saturday I want to go to. I told my husband I need a spiritual boost, so I hope I can go if it rains. Have you?

  3. I haven't been to her conferences but I have done several of her Bible studies, they were intense but outstanding and on KFNW I love her tid-bits of hope and encouragement.
    So if it rains then you can go because then Peter won't be in the field and he can care for the girls?? Would you consider getting a babysitter so you could go and be refreshed?
    Even wonderful moms need to have time for themselves every now and then.
    Have you ever been to the Women of Faith weekend in the cities usually in October? I haven't ever attended but I would like to.

    Well, Kristen just for you I hope it rains Saturday, even though we were planning to get the boat out and put the dock in. Keep me posted and keep your chin up. Amy

  4. I went to her weekend conference in Fargo last August. I wished I could have listened more but I had to bring along my youngest so I was in the 'nursing' room most of the time. It was too loud for her.

    I've done a couple of her bible studies. Esther and one by myself. I am thinking I will go for sure this weekend. I can bring along the kids for a little while (they have a type of nursery) and then peter will pick up the kids when he's done. Or else i will just come home after lunch or before lunch. Either way, I am going!

    I havent gone to anything in the cities because that would be too far away to go with the girls. I am hoping some day I will have more opportunity to attend things like this,but for now my mission is my children!! :)

  5. Where is the simulcast? You must be able to go to a local church or is it the new church that you are attending?
    Whichever,I am very glad that you will be able to go and be spiritually refreshed. Everyone needs that now and then.
    Do you listen the the christian rock group Kutless? They will be at Bethel May 7th and I WILL BE THERE!! I love their music!I usually go with my son and his girlfriend, my husband doesn't like the music much.
    Hope you have a great day at the Beth Moore presentation. I will pray that the Lord will refresh your spirit and bless your whole face :) Amy