Friday, March 9, 2012

Well, the kitchen remodel has begun!  It officially started for me on Monday of this week. I packed a ton of food items and boxes and a good friend of mine volunteered to come and help bring boxes down to the basement or upstairs. Peter and I were really impressed with her heart and compassion to help me.  This week in our marriage devotions we are talking about generosity; not just in money form, but in time. He read or heard somewhere that the top two people that need help are the elderly and widows and he felt that pregnant ladies should be in that list! It made me laugh but it seems true. Sometimes I feel like an elderly woman for sure with my aching bones and waddle. It truly was a Godsend because I am not sure how I would have gotten all that kitchen stuff out of there without her help. Thank you!!!!

After a long day in G.F., we picked up our sink, drains, sample paint, and discouragingly looked at doors that we waited too long to look at. It will at least take 10-14 business days to get the one we want. I forgot all about the doors for the kitchen and Peter thought they were just in stock. We also looked at track lighting again for the living room since they will be doing plenty of damage to the living room ceiling. We had to rush through groceries just to get back to pick up kate!  Last night we ordered our faucet online (we picked up one from Lowes but decided that we liked another one better so we'll take that one back).  We ordered our kitchen table and bench this morning, which we felt was also a Godsend. For months I had this certain one picked out.  I had been asking Peter over and over if I should purchase it because we weren't finding anything anywhere else, plus we had our kitchen planner "design" it into our kitchen. It was just the right dimensions.  One day we panicked because we realized how close the kitchen project was and I vowed the night before that after my appointment the next day I would for sure order the table.  We stopped by Pier 1 and long story short Peter believes we were sent there to "stall" us from purchasing the table (we were contemplating tables from Pier1) .  A few days later we got an email saying there would be a 3-day sale of 25% off everything in the store.. so, we basically saved enough money to pay for the shipping for free, and we got the bench to go with it because of the sale!  We are still going to get the counter stools from Pier 1 and possibly some table accessories.  It looks as though the table will arrive hopefully around the time they finish installing the cabinets.   I even took pictures, but way too tired and lazy to upload them.  I think food will be our biggest stress, figuring out what to eat, how to clean it and etc.  Ok, i'm hoping that will be our ONLY stress, if we can even help that to be a stress.  Finding things to do all day has been hard since we can't really go in the kitchen. It will be so nice when it's warmer... i'm hoping to go outside next week.  It's been far too long being cooped up in the house.   Now... just to get rid of this nasty cold! :(

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