Monday, March 12, 2012

big week!

It has been so busy, especially this weekend. Sunday we went to Grand Forks (again) after we failed to get everything we needed last Thursday. (We ran out of time because we had to pick up kate from school) We ended up ordering the doors we wanted and decided to wait until they came in. Peter will most likely have to put the doors in himself and frame them, but he is okay with that. We didn't want to get doors that looked junky, or purchase something we didn't want just because we ran out of time.
Here's some photos of our messy kitchen. We were in the process of packing up food/boxes and appliances.

..And here's what it looks like basically now.   Peter took out the cabinets one day, and then soffits another day. The cabinets were really easy to take out, but the soffits were a huge pain.  Because the soffits weren't the way we thought they'd be, the contractor said it would be easier for them to just gut the whole kitchen.   What?!  Nuts!  So, Peter will be trying to get a lot of drywall out on Tuesday, hopefully with some help so that we can roll right through and only have to clean up once.  Our kitchen is still usable, since our stove and fridge are still in there, but when there's drywall dust flying around everywhere, we can't go in there. So, it's important to just work really hard one day (hopefully) and be done, and the contractors can do whatever isn't finished.   It is for sure crunch time. For sure.  We also called for progress on cabinets and they will be delivering monday afternoon, and then starting the job on Tuesday. So from Wednesday-next week sometime we will not have water at all, which will be the toughest of all for this whole project.  Thankfully Kelsey is coming home this weekend to keep us company and maybe help with some things!

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