Saturday, March 24, 2012

They're in!

The cabinets are in! But I don't want to post any photos because we are waiting for the counter tops. We have gotten, or, I have gotten about 40% of the stuff back into our kitchen. I am a bit worried that we don't have as much storage as before but we'll wait to see once we get our small appliances and bakeware back into the kitchen. Yesterday was a big day for me - I could hardly walk honestly. My back hurt and with certain steps my legs would give out. Once I sat down for a while I had more energy and felt better but carrying boxes up and down stairs is really not a good job for me. The kids helped by "washing" some of the dusty utensils  - they thought that was so much fun!  Then they put all the cans and boxes into the pantry and later that night Peter went through them and organized them better for me. That actually was so helpful on both parts because I would have had to bend over most of the time and that would have been really hard for me.  We got the dishwasher working and our old sink in until our new countertops come in, which is next Thursday.  I think they are already done cutting them, but for some reason it's Thursday when it works for them to come. So, that is sad! But, at least we have water - I am just so excited to see how it all looks!!!

We are also getting our table Friday sometime between 8 and noon and it's coming from the cities. I think originally it was from's amazing to us that shipping was as little as it was (though to me it's a LOT of money still for shipping) but if you think about how many people handled it, how much gas, etc... it should really be a lot more.  So, that will complete the look of the kitchen for now, until of course our flooring and back splash are in, which we don't know when that will be. We still have doors to be hung, too, and some trim on windows.  I am excited for it to be complete.

Last night I wrote a list of things to do so I am sure today we will be busy since Peter is home. We really haven't gotten to take advantage of when he's home because throughout the winter he's had SO many meetings to go to. Now, time has passed really when he can do projects around the house. Pictures are really non-existant for me at this point... I take some but as much as I used to. I am just too tired to upload and spend however much time it takes to edit. I have been cheating by using Peter's phone while he's home to take photos.  Oh well. I am sure once the baby comes I will be taking pictures like crazy. And once we get the kitchen in order and get through Easter, I will be focusing more on the baby, hopefully.  I feel like I am not prepared at all!!

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