Monday, March 19, 2012


Yes. I am pregnant.  It never dawned on me until this past Sunday but while I was going into the ladies room, a lady from church asked me how I felt.  This is a question that gets asked quite frequently and I usually say the same thing.. "ok...(with a smile)".  This time, though, I said "I uh,... well, uh, ... I..feel...."   and then she finished by saying "pregnant?".  Exactly!  EXACTLY! What a great answer! Every single woman knows by the second and third pregnancies, it is a countdown from about three months of being pregnant. And that is exactly what it has been for me.  It wouldn't have been so bad had I not had cramps so early on... and now, i am feeling so much movement; every scrape internally, every painful braxton hicks (which seems like the real thing so many times!) and of course the back pain. It has often been hard to move without limping.  It is all so, so worth it for a healthy baby.

Oh dear, the kitchen. I won't even get into detail all that has happened, but finally we are at a point (lord willing) to move on and make progress. The cabinets arrived today after lunch, floor is prepped, and tomorrow sometime they will start. I really hope that goes well. Since I won't be home most of the week, I am hoping they don't have many questions. We took a look in the garage where they put the cabinets and it all looks so nice and lovely.  The walls are painted (last touch-ups were tonight!!)  We won't have water for another week and a few days, hopefully sooner or counter-tops, since they need to be templated and cut. Hopefully we can get our oven in this week and put in our old counter tops for some work space. yay!!

Today I washed clothes,cleaned the bathroom while the kids bathed (even mopped and scrubbed some of the grout!!) put all the winter gear away, or most of it anyway, brought some dishes to hand wash at my in-laws, and made one of the freezer meals that I prepped a couple weeks ago. We don't have an oven so being at my in-laws for meals helps so much. The frozen meal came in handy. I just went there and put it in the oven. It was GF lasagna, and honestly, it wasn't bad.  The noodles got a little mushy since they were GF but, that's ok.  It was food, and we could eat it in peace. Today seemed long with the girls as they argued with me about absolutely everything. Mostly Kate. It makes me feel like a bad mother because I am constantly repeating myself and taking away privileges. But, what can you do... they have to learn somehow.   Peter was even frustrated!  I think I might upload some photos and then read and go to bed. It's been a l-o-n-g- day and the next two days don't look any shorter!

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  1. Dearest Kristen,
    I love reading your blog!! I am excited for you about your new kitchen. I'm sure it will look great. I will keep you in my prayers as you are almost to the finish line... the best is yet to come! I love and miss you.
    Emily Gill