Sunday, March 4, 2012

slowly but surely

Every day I seem to think about the same statement: "April 26th seems so far away.... so impossibly far away".  It has truly been a long winter and now right at the end of it I am getting sick with a cold. I hope it doesn't add to my discomfort! This week might be the start of demolition to the kitchen. Peter will be destroying the soffits, lighting will hopefully be installed and also praying sometime early next week (week of the 12th)  we will have work completed to the living room ceiling and all cabinets out, walls and ceiling textured and ready for painting during the weekend. Then, the carpet will most likely go in that week or weekend, flooring will be taken out or patched up and the week of the 19th is a hopeful week for installation of the cabinets. Then, a full week longer for our countertops to come in.  I am trying, really, really hard to not get my hopes up for delays. The week of installation is when we are able to stay at our in-laws so that would be great for all of that to work out. Still confused about meals...hopefully it's not too hard. My goal is to have a really good and detailed meal plan worked out as soon as the contractor comes in to repair and patch up the walls.  There will always be people in my kitchen!

This week I plan to take out some of the contents of our upper kitchen cabinets (since they'll be removed this week) and find a place for everything. I am also hoping we can get some sledding in with the kids.... we are praying we feel better this week.  Better go to bed!

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