Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We are back from Minneapolis, and after talking with Peter, we both agree that the 5 days we were there (1 basically spent traveling) it seemed like 2! I remember being sad after Saturday because the trip was going so fast! We missed our girls more than usual, but we also really relished in the opportunity to just spend some alone time together. It is a really good time for us to go because it seems like May and June are always so busy on the farm, with all the planting and spraying he has to do. We are back for 2 days and then we go again for a Hvidsten reunion. I think that will be fun. PS, the above photo I thought was funny. Also, I had started the post below but never finished, so I just published that today, written on Friday morning.

 Line at Izzys.
 Meeting with Deb who does work at the rescue center I follow.
 Anniversary Meal.
 Our bikes!

We did some really fun things in the city this time, -- we spent more time with friends which was really relaxing, and did a lot of walking around downtown, which is where we stayed. We went for a long bike ride, and tried some interesting restaurants. We spent 2 hours in Ikea! Peter did not care for that I don't think; he spent a lot of time sitting, which he was then happy about. I suppose he's not used to all that walking. I got my frames that I have been waiting for, and picking up a list of things for a friend. On the way into town we stopped at an Antique mall and I found an almost perfect serving piece for my living room! I envisioned a black piece of furniture with one chair on each side of it. A little spot to enjoy some tea or coffee or just a good book. I also picked up a black chandelier from Ikea that I plan to hang above the area. I got the two chairs at a TJ Maxx. I was so thankful Peter was willing to just trust my ideas on decorating and when we set it up last night he agreed it looked really good. Today my goal is to unpack and tomorrow I am sure i will be cooking and baking for the reunion. It would be nice to get the shelving up too.I picked up some frames so that I could put the kids' art -- I am really excited to decorate some of the upstairs with the ikea stuff I bought. I'ts been 6 years and hardly anything is done up there. Also I plan to have lots of fun with my girls!!

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