Friday, July 1, 2011


I am certainly enjoy a nice cup of coffee from this morning (still tastes good) and time to my self for browsing pretty things on the internet and editing fun photos of my kids. Today has been a good day so far; lots to be thankful for. Yesterday I went on a media fast and prayed for no rain. God is so good... he spared us! We also had our triad meeting yesterday and that was such a blessing and an encouraging time. It is so nice to be able to meet once a week and discuss strictly a book of the bible and tell each other what God is doing in our lives. I'm really encouraged because I can see in each of our families how God is working in and directing our lives! I love it.  Today during our walk, it began to sprinkle a bit. So i asked Kate if she would pray with me that the rain would quit. She prayed at least two times and said "I did it mommy". I think it is important to train our kids to be praying when they have concerns, or really anytime, whether at meals, bedtime, or on walks. I spend a lot of my walks in prayer, aloud.  People might think I am nuts, 'talking to myself' and all, but I don't care.

It has been 5 days now that Maddy has been potty training. We've had one small accident (she was outside and we didn't bring the potty chair out). She is beginning to learn that she shouldn't hold her BM; now she has been going when she feels like it, so at least 2-4 times in the morning. Sometimes they are really little, sometimes a lot. Even poop! I am so amazed and proud. I remember my posts about what a failure I was, not being able to potty train my kids. I prayed over her potty chair over and over while we were having trouble and just really asking God for wisdom, submitting fully to him and I really believe that is what made it go smoother. Sometimes I ask once and forget about it. I have been learning to keep pressing and asking until I get that peace.

It has really been a good week spiritually for me, and a good week spending time with my kids. Emily is back! It is such a joy to have her around.. not just because she helps us a couple days a week, but she is a good example to both the kids and Peter & I. I am really looking forward to her stay this summer, it's been a blast already, especially spending time in the kitchen. We went to Florian yesterday to swim and they had a blast. Definitely prefer going there instead of the pool. Maddy wasn't feeling well though, she kept having loose stools and sat on the potty most of the time. Hopefully the weather holds up this month so that we can make frequent trips there. They both have swimming lessons the week of the 18 so I am not sure how much we can go then, but either way they will be in water and will have fun.  The next two weekends I am really praying will be fun. We get to go to Minneapolis and I am really looking forward to some time with Peter. We have some things planned but we definitely just want to spend time together, mostly laid back. I really just want to be in the sun and relax. Also, my lens got damaged a month ago from leaving it out in the rain, so I am hoping that I can get that fixed/sent in soon.
 I made foccacia bread on Wednesday. My favorite.
 Homemade popsicle from the party: 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries, 1 can coconut milk (reduced fat), 1/2 cup honey, half of a banana, 1 cup water, 1 cup orange juice (or any juice) Puree in food processor and put in dixie cups. Wait until just slightly slushy to insert popsicle sticks :)

 I videotaped Maddy's potty success and sent it on my phone to Peter. He then sent a video message back. Love!
I made Peter a special chocolate torte to eat at Kate's birthday party

Salad with Skinny Low-Yolk Egg Salad Sandwhich. Also yum.

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