Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I woke up yesterday in shock that it was 8:40. I dashed out my door to see if Kate had been waiting for me in the living room... instead I found Emily, reading an Ikea magazine. At first I didn't see her; when she said hello, I jumped! Even though it felt so good to sleep in, it was unintentional and I felt totally frazzled, about 2 hours off schedule. By then I think I would have started my workout, got my reading done, and probably unloaded the dish washer. Maybe even some clothes done. Oh well. I told this to Peter yesterday and he said he heard a program on KFNW (Christian radio) about how Americans never 'rest' or sleep in. They are so consumed in their work, even on the Sabbath Day, that they never truly rest. I guess I need to be more laid back and not worry so much about what needs to get done. So this week I am going to try to work on that.

During naptime we also weeded the garden together (they took half a day off) -- when you're in love I guess you relish in any and every opportunity to be together alone... even if it IS weeding the garden in 90 degree heat.  I enjoyed it.  The rest of the day was spent at swimming lessons. Maddy's latest thing is crying uncontrollably about nothing. She's always been a crier, though I know no one believes me, - she puts on this sweet, innocent, quiet, act in front of everyone when really she is loud, and really, completely opposite. So, I sat with her for 5-10 minutes on the edge of the pool until she finally quit crying, completely unsure if she'd even be able to have swimming lessons. I let the teachers take her and I slipped away to watch kate. I saw her looking for me which was so sweet... I know she loves me, just sometimes a little too much!  If I seem like I'm complaining, I'm really not. I'm just explaining her personality. On the contrary, she loves to cuddle, gives tons of hugs and kisses, and is my snuggle bug. Who know that would come out of her personality! Though they are sisters, they have proven to be completely opposite; true even with potty training. She is well on her way to be fully potty trained, with nights and naps being dry too!  I just love it. I am praising God that He gave me hope and answered my prayers for easy potty training, and that is just what I got!  I think that's all for now; we have a play date this morning, lessons in the afternoon, and family time tonight. My hope is that we can get the shelving up from Ikea that I bought two weeks ago. I am so excited!

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