Wednesday, July 13, 2011


 I have started a huge list and have only a few things left on it to do this
week; I'm sure i'll add to it once I finish what's left. A while ago my camera was left in the rain so this week I'm sending off my lens to be repaired. I'm soo happy I got insurance on my camera and my lens. It's really worth it. I think the lens itself just needs to be cleaned but at least I don't have to pay for it.

Yesterday ended up being really fun. I tried to enjoy the kids a little more than normal. Kate & I went on our bikes up and down half of our block (on the sidewalk) - usually she is really scared because it is uneven pavement, but tonight she wasn't. Maddy followed behind on her little trike, not quite reaching the pedals. She moved out of our way when we passed her. The kids and peter, yes, peter, had popcorn for a snack. He was over enjoying that popcorn... he even had half a can of pop, which I also shared (it's been a long time for that, too, for me) He can basically have everything except gluten and dairy. He says he's going to cheat this weekend.

I am left with bittersweet feelings as I finish up packing and cleaning the house before we leave. I want to go for a walk with the girls or do something fun with them... it seems like Satan always tries to leave me with horrible thoughts of what might happen to us or the kids while I am gone. I am fighting those thoughts right now and ask for prayer! I want to be able to enjoy the weekend, not living in fear or worry about the kids' safety (or ours). Well I better get busy. Talk later, after our trip!

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