Thursday, May 19, 2011


if i could explain the last few days in one word, I would say: rush. I am rushing to get breakfast ready, rush to get everyone dressed, rushed to go to the park, rushed to come home and make lunch, rush to clean as much as I can before they get up... etc.  It is FARMING season! and almost summer. I can't even believe it.  Lately I have been exercising, well, okay, the last 4 or so months. The last month, though, I haven't lost but one pound. And it's been a huge struggle because when I wake up in the morning, I get through my bible readings and then someone wakes up. Also every time I tried to exercise, even during naps, it would get interrupted. I finally noticed that maybe God was telling me something. Take a week off. That's really what I thought I heard.  I have been so stressed as to 'when am I going to get exercising in' or 'i can't keep the house clean b/c i have to exercise' or bitter because someone woke up early and i couldn't exercise.  Today I was a much happier momma and I am so glad I listened. I hope that God will honor my efforts to be obedient in that even though it is really hard.

I honestly don't have much time to write because I am supposed to be in bed (but couldn't sleep) because  my mind and body has been racing all day. It is hard for me to shut down sometimes. Tonight I prepared for a 4 layer carrot cake I was asked to make for a bridal shower on Saturday. I sure hope it turns out. So, I am supposed to wake up early tomorrow and start that... we'll see what happens. I am really glad that I prepared for it tonight though. i got all my dry ingredients out and measured, and I peeled all my carrots and set up the food processor so i'm all ready to go. I hope to be up by 6 or so... we'll see how that goes.  I really should go though... just really wanted to write. More later!


  1. LOVE your honesty! I SO can relate to you except prayer gets put last on my list. I need to change my priorities. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. I have really tried to put prayer in places that are sort of different... shower, when i'm on my bike or for walks I pray outloud. It has been really encouraging for me.