Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today starts the beginning of my husbands 'No meat' diet.  So far I have made a pretty good bread (that he will eat) and I ended up using a premixed assortment of flours and then added extra ingredients. It turned out pretty good. The last couple days it has been rainy and cold so we really haven't at all spent much time outside, which has been hard for the kids (and me) but hoping it will warm up soon, especially so that the guys can finish seeding.

I have been researching recipes like crazy and coming up with some new ones to try- but the cost of food is sooo expensive and so I am hoping I can get through all the flour I bought and also hope that I don't have to buy anymore! We tried hot Quino cereal the last couple days, and it's pretty good. It fills me up and it's easy to make. I had that this morning with the gluten free bread with some jam purchased from the health food store. So far on my list this week, I have written down : Black Bean Burgers with homemade gluten free buns (wish me luck on those!!)  pancakes,  mashed potato bake,  veggie skewers on dirty rice, Quino dish with veggies,  and a few more.  I think he also plans to have cold and hot cereals as meals at times too... lots of fruits and veggies.  He still is not able to eat dairy, gluten and sugar along with oats and tomatoes, etc., but he IS able to have potatoes and rice, which is a huge huge praise because i'm not sure how he could get through it without it. It has definitely been a learning process and I guess I am grateful for the learning opportunity but I am hoping it ends soon. I feel so bad for anyone who has to do this long-term. Hopefully just a couple more weeks of this and we're done... though that is doubtful. I have enjoyed the banana & blueberry bread because it's tons more healthier and easier to digest -- and i'm sure if i have flour left i will continue to make those things. I have also enjoyed drinking tea, which i am totally not a tea drinker, but I found a really good tea that has been fun to drink.

This week we hope to till the garden and plant that, and just to be with the kids. I am still not working out regularly but waiting for the go-ahead from God. Today I read Philemon and Hebrews 1-5. I have been really hit with how much encouragment is needed daily and so I am trying to do more of that with my friends or just anyone I feel led to. My challenge to you is to go out of your way to encourage someone - do you ever feel nudged to do something nice for someone and then it fizzles away? Don't let it. Do it right away!!  I have two things i'm doing today to be an encouragement to someone.

  At church we are doing a prayer summit and I signed up for the 5:15 a.m. slot... I am sort of dreading it but I know it will feel so good once i'm done. A lot of random thoughts, I know, but that's who I am.   Today I am thankful for friends who really do encourage me and who are not always against me. My friends who are constantly building me up. Thank you!

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