Thursday, May 12, 2011

dreary weather

well today i did NOT get up early, but I still got my devotions in this morning, just barely though. Maddy was up at 6, not really sure why, so we brought her into our room and she never did fall back asleep. So i laid in bed with her until 7. This week I am still getting up at 6:30 for my bible readings and then I shower. I do my workouts during nap time because that seems to be the best and most logical thing to do. That way, I for SURE get a shower in! (which is important) I feel like during nap time I really can't do anything that is loud, such as dishes, showering, vacuuming, etc. So i really have to pick my chores wisely. That's why I chose to do my exercising then.

I realize, too, that though it might be slow, I need to , every day, do some type of organizing. So this week I am mostly focusing on my room. I cleaned out my clothes and jeans that are hanging or folded in my closet. I haven't tackled any other drawers yet, but I put away all my "bigger" clothing and winter clothing. I am going to go through some magazines that are lying around and then the things that are on the floor of our closet. It has been a sigh of relief to be 'on top of things' for the most part. I have been keeping up with the dishes and starting the dishwasher and everything washed before nap, making more use of my time in the mornings instead of my workouts. Yesterday at 8am during breakfast I did the dishes from the night before (I had bible study, so unable to do dishes before bed). Anyway, that's what I'm up to this week.

The next few days looks like it's going to b e cold so we'll be staying in, which means I have to find things inside to do. I  printed off a TON of stuff for the kids and I do to, along with many, many, many good recipes (healthy too) and organized them in three different binders. I am feeling organized!! I bought over 100 protector sheets and put all my printed recipes in there -   I made black bean brownies yesterday.... pretty good!!   Today I am making chocolate cupcakes for my sisters graduation and nephews birthday so i'm sure me and the girls will do that this morning. It kind of stinks, i am not much for willpower anymore... I hope I don't overindulge!!  

Also, some exciting news, I am  featured for Madelyn's birthday! I had three top blogs in mind and they responded immediately. Take a look!
Here's some pictures I put on facebook yesterday:(Took advantage of my frozen meal from last week and made it yesterday while we were out of the house. I set my oven to delay and it was done when we got home................... doing that more often!)

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