Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Moms Day

I have been re-evaluating my 2011 Resolutions and I am really not doing too bad. I think the organization thing comes and goes, depending really on what we have going on for the week. When we have a lot, my house is really trashed and it becomes overwhelming to know even where to start... but if I work hard at it, I know I can keep it up (with a few reminders to the rest of my family).  The baking thing has been excellent. I have kept up nicely with that... crafting... not so much, but occasionally for events like baby showers I am able to make a couple homemade gifts. This last week I made a fabric banner and a blanket. I am probably good for another few months!

I am really doing well (this is not on my list) with waking up early and doing my bible readings for the day and then exercising. That also very very very much depends on when my kids get up. I had started getting up at 6:45 and i'd get about 15 minutes and that was it. Now i've started at 6:30, and that way i can get my coffee or tea ready, and have enough time to at least read, and then maybe get a workout in. I have switched to pilates for now since my body is used to my workout routine. I was stuck at 10 pounds, and I recently just lost another pound just by switching.  I really just want to tone now, not lose anymore weight. If that's possible. Hopefully inches will be coming off my lower body instead of my top!!

So, today was mother's day. It really reminds me how much Peter really does appreciate me and wants to do nice things for me. He made me some scones, pumpkin even (my fav) and coffee,

and got me a nice hanging flower basket, a cookbook, and a floor steamer! I was hoping I could get one some time because really mopping floors is non existent lately, and I just need something that will disinfect... so hoping this will get used and that it is the right machine for me. Anyway, time to go... thanks for reading!

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