Wednesday, May 25, 2011

meal plan

Right now my kids are inhaling Peters gluten, dairy, and egg free bread/toast with peanut butter and honey. I am glad someone is eating it!  This morning has been a really good day so far. Today was the prayer summit at church and my time slot was 5:15. A train went through at about 4am. and I remember looking at the clock thinking... oh no!! I have to wake up soon.  It really wasn't hard at all. The minute my alarm went off, i was basically up. It went really well. I got my tea, I brought some banana bread (regular, not gluten free) and headed out the door.  The prayer summit is a really neat experience if your church ever offers it. We started with 12, one -hour increments, and now its a full 24 hours! I am sure you're thinking..... how can you pray for a whole hour!?  I would say 20-30 minutes is preparing your heart for prayer, praising God, cleansing and forgiving of sins, and then prayer. We get these prayer request sheets with 3 requests submitted by those in the church with things they want prayer for... and then we pray for them. We don't know who they are, we just know their requests. Also, it is a time to be fully silent, rebuking satans attempts to distract us, and we listen to God fill us with things we should be praying about.  A really neat experience.

Today i am having a play date and making peter a protein salad...  I'll let you know how it goes...along with the other meals i've made. and perhaps pictures.  not anticipating that he will love it, or even like it for that matter, but hoping he can and will eat it.  I have partially made a meal plan but dont have many lunch ideas. I asked him at least 3 times what I could make for him and he didn't offer any ideas, so I hope he is okay with this. Better go... busy day!

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