Monday, February 7, 2011


This week I am hoping will be productive.. mostly in my exercising and diet adventure!  I have lost about a half a pound to a pound (at least that's something in just a few days)  but felt like i totally blew it last night. We went to a superbowl party and there were so many good foods!  What is mostly getting me through it is realizing that it is pathetic for me to feel like I can't get through the day with only a certain amount of calories when there are some who only get one meal a day.

It has begun to be a lot more difficult to get things done since adding working out.  I am really trying to manage my time better and some days it's worked and some days I feel like i've failed miserably. Because it is not effective for me to wake up super early to exercise, I chose not to do that, so it's one more thing I have to add during nap time to do.  It has been really hard keeping up with both studies and unfortunately I missed a whole 4 days last week of one bible study because I didn't have the accountability of going to the actual bible study to get it done.  so anyway, here are some pictures that i quickly edited from yesterday. 

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