Monday, February 28, 2011

new week, new look

well, new look as in, new(er) looking blog.  I changed the template because I could never fully load an extra large picture because it would never fit! I also changed some of the fonts... which I love. The only problem is that i cannot figure out how to center my picture in the title bar and my font... It is selected on center, but it's like I almost have to manually edit the html coding, which I used to be good at, but I am not quite sure how or where I need to put the center code in

I just wanted to post because I found this really cool tracking system of calories. it's at  and I have been tracking exactly how many calories I've been eating, how many carbs, and how much water/exercise I am getting.  The fact that I can load how many glasses of water i've been drinking, really helps motivate me to drink more because I've got the friendly reminder.... hey, only half a glass so far today.. drink up! I also loaded my weight-loss goal of 2 pounds a week and it entered how many calories I should be getting a day.   I tell you... it said 1300 and i was really trying to eat 1200 and I haven't lost a single pound this last week, AND i was working out twice a day! I don't know what is going on... unless I am gaining muscle, that is a possibility. So, something has to change! alright, got to make the best of nap-time, more later!

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