Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day at home

The weekend was filled with lots to do and events and this week is proving to be even worse! I am hoping we can squeeze date night in sometime this week but it is looking doubtful. Yesterday I went to my yearly exam and it was the quickest ever! It was so nice to be out of there in a half hour. I was by myself (I can't remember the last time I got to do that) so I stopped at a few stores, - Platos Closet being one of them.  I don't have many jeans that fit very good so I wanted to get a couple that I can wear that might get me by - I am hopeful to lose more weight.  So far it's going really well. However, I tried Jillians 30 day shred..... and man am I sore!! I am unbelievably sore... I can't possibly do that for another week, so I am back on my elliptical, which is fine. I think though it will be good for me to do a few other things like sit ups and maybe some push-ups. I am finally a couple pounds below 130 and that makes me happy. I hope to just keep on going - so far it isn't too much of a drag to exercise. I am sad though because if I were just a couple inches taller I think my hips wouldn't be so big.
I am happy about today b/c that means there's no where to go this morning or afternoon, so I can wash some bedding and play with the girls. Peter is gone all day to meetings so that probably means we can have something fun for lunch ;)   I  better get started on some washing so I can get done before nap time.  Here are some fun pictures from the last couple days:

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