Tuesday, February 8, 2011

good calorie day

Today  I was super impressed with my meal choices. For lunch I had a 100 calorie progressive soup (it was good too) and a salad. I hosted bible study tonight and didn't even take a bite of my strawberry shortcake (pictures tomorrow)  - I worked out twice, once in the morning for 25 and then another 25 during nap time. For supper we had hamburger rice hot-dish, which I don't think was too smart but I ate a small portion and mostly salad.

I am still taking pictures, just not editing or posting.That makes it exhausting! To carve out time out of your day just to edit and post a picture? every DAY? That's hard. Tonight I've finally  had time to be on the computer-- and I am loving that I dont have a lot of time for the computer. The only reason I am on tonight after bible study is because Peter is on the phone with a good friend. :) I am learning to balance my time and I really feel like this working out thing is really teaching me to balance my time better.  Though I am not always going to have a perfectly clean house (which is hard to swallow sometimes) I have to choose reading my bible studies, working out, and doing moderate cleaning during nap time instead of editing pictures.  And i need to make sure that I am giving my children the appropriate attention they need and my husband the attention he needs.

I think our BS is going to do a 10 week study on balancing life's demands.   I am really excited about it... even if we don't do it as a group, it is something that I NEED!

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