Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Oh man, I am so tired. But do I ever take naps? No. I try but I can't fall asleep no matter how tired I am. Last night after bible study I had a hard time falling asleep but i wasn't up too terribly late. Now the girls are taking naps and I really have no energy. I went for a walk this morning, a pretty good one, but now I am feeling really sluggish and tired. I brought food out to Peter for lunch.. They are digging beets today-Friday so I hope it goes well for them. I always like a quick harvest you know.

I did end up taking a few pictures of the kids yesterday.  I got a few worth keeping... the rest I just have to delete. It is getting bad to where I am wanting to keep every picture. It is ok to only keep a few from each photo shoot b/c I end up taking at least 50-10 photos each time I do a "photo shoot" - and since it is not quite fall yet, I would like to save some for cute hats, coats, pumpkins and leaves!  Will anyone take OUR family picture? :(  I just need someone to snap the picture; I can figure out the settings for you!   Here's some of my favorite shots from yesterday:


  1. maybe we could take pictures of eachother's families for eachother!! I was just thinking that I would like to have an outdoor "fall" picture for our Christmas card this year :)

  2. Amber, that would be wonderful... however, to get peter to commit to some picture taking isn't easy, and usually it is a spur of the moment type thing... but definetely. If you need me to take some pictures of you guys, let me know.