Thursday, September 23, 2010

sew wrong

Yesterday was my voice lessons. I am learning to not be so afraid of doing silly things. The first day she had me reading a story to her to see how wide my mouth gets when I talk. She told me I needed to read it excitedly, with bright eyes and lots of head movement. Completely embarrassing.  Then yesterday she had me pinned against the wall, holding my shoulders down, and I was to say 'ho, ho, ho, ho' with lots of force, and even sing a song with the 'ho's' ;  this was to make sure that my breathing is coming from my stomach and not my chest (which is the reason why I am taking voice lessons). In  the beginning I just felt plain dumb doing those exercises but by the end of the second lesson I was ready to do anything she asked.

Yesterday during nap time I decided to start on the baby blanket for a friend who just had a baby. All i had to do, was cut out two peices of material and sew them together.   Well, I ended up cutting one of the materials the wrong way!  So, i didn't want to waste material so I sewed those two peices together, cut again, and cut all the rest of the material and sewed them, which is a lot more work than it sounds. I dont have a big mat to cut so it's hard for me to do. I almost always mess up. Anyway, i did finish it, just have to iron.

This week I have been reading a lot more of my "so long insecurity' book by beth moore. I am finally at the point in the book where I'm learning things. I also listened to 1 of 5 audio cds for the book "the strong willed child".   Lots of material to digest... once beets come, I am hoping to read a lot more at night and get a lot more done.  By the way... 8 more days...

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