Wednesday, September 8, 2010


right now I am overwhelmed with all sorts of new activities I want/need to do. I am itching to start making some cute headbands with hand-made fabric flowers... however I just need to get the supplies. I am tired of not being able to find any cute headbands or paying more than I want to spend on a headband. So i might try to make my own with elastic lace and even if I can find some cute flower to hot glue on, it would still be cheaper! I am excited.

Another thing is that I have to finish Kate's quilt. I haven't found the right fabrics yet though, and it is hard b/c I can't ever get there without kids to fully look, uninterrupted.  I want to make another baby quilt as a gift too, but one that wouldn't have quite as many blocks, just something super quick, but super cute to whip up.

Soon I am going to start on my acorn napkin rings and as soon as I can get some brown paint, I will glue my acorn caps to my picture frame I bought. That will be super easy and super fast.

I found two patterns for maddy's quilt that I will start this winter. One has a ton of applique hearts, and the other resembles kate's but I think cuter.  I hope I am skilled enough to do them!

Other things that I want to work on:  pillow shams for kate's bed, throw pillows for my living room, a jumper and velvet dress for the girls. My mother in law gave me yards and yards of velvet fabric, so I am wondering what I could do with it. Any ideas?

Tomorrow I am starting voice lessons.  I am kind of nervous, and then next week i am starting bible study.  So, soon my free time during naps or after the kids go to bed will have another thing added to my list. Other things i've been asked to do : Nursery coordinator (make schedule for nursery duty, and make sure things in nursery (snacks, etc) are filled up.  Then I felt God nudging me to be the 2-3 yr. old Sunday School teacher!

I am really happy with how i've been keeping up the house; it has really made me less irritable around the house knowing that I am being efficient in cleaning and have time to do other things (besides clean).  I warned Peter that when I have a clean house, I am a happy(er) person, and so far this week he has put away two loads of laundry (without asking) and done the dishes twice.  Oh, he also cleaned out the disgusting garbage. I'm impressed. We have spent lots and lots of time outside, riding trikes, building fires, going for bike rides, and so the house has stayed a little cleaner b/c of that.  So far I am happy with my time management. There's only one major thing left to do:  CANNING! I have to can my tomatoes into salsa, and I am not looking forward to that at all. Last year I did it with a mad Maddy, or kate would call her, saddy maddy, and it was an awful experience, but hopefully this year will go much better. Just wish I had some help with the kids to do it! Here's some pics lately i took, we've been trying to do lots of crafts --paper puppets, necklaces, coloring, etc:

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