Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 days...

I never loved fall as much as I do this year.  All the colors are so pretty for taking pictures. This is my neighbor, who came to visit while the kids and I were outside. I took a few pictures of her, an impromptu session, probably 30 seconds worth, and got some cute pictures.  It will be sad for me and picture taking when it gets cold enough to not be able to play outside.  Hopefully we have a mild winter.

I don't have much to say except this last week has been really busy.  I helped with a ceremony on Friday and was busy decorating and trying to clean my own house for the weekend and then was asked to photograph the event.  I was a bit dissapointed... I am glad I don't have the responsibility of a wedding or other big event -- the photos were not as terrific as i'd hoped.  However, I have to remember that i am NOT a professional, i do NOT have a selection of lenses, and I did not have lighting! I didn't even know what to do! I couldn't see anything and there was really no time for posed shots; everything had to be on-the-go and most everything was dimmed.  So, i am trying to work on those.  However, my most fun targets are my kids... and of course outside in the natural light.  I am hoping to find a spot outside with some cute props. If only they would learn to pose....  -----> there we go~!

Not counting today.... but TWO days left of sanity.  There will be a major celebration once beets are done.   I can't even tell you!

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