Monday, September 13, 2010


I had lots of fun this weekend. Peter and I had date night Friday night and watched a movie. Saturday morning (last minute) I went to some rummage sales with my sister kelsey. I ended up getting some good stuff!! A canner (probably worth at least 20-30 dollars, a malt machine, a sled for winter, a couple wall decorations, some clothes for kate, play clothes for the girls(!!) and more. I didn't spend very much either which was also great. Plus, it was something to do in the morning.

Then I kind of tried to clean up before 4:30 b/c then we left on another date, without kids, to go to Grand Forks for dinner and shopping. I wanted to go to Joanns for supplies for some fabric flowers and a baby blanket i plan to make for a friend from my GNO who just had a baby. It's going to be really easy, It's just going to be two fabrics, one on one side, and one on the back and a satin border. So, really no cutting blocks and sewing, just finishing. I hope it turns out cute at least. It's not like baby fabric is cheap!  Then yesterday I kind of experimented with some fabric flowers and I did like how it turned out. I made some bigger flowers and I think it would be cuter to have smaller ones. But this week I probably won't do any more with that - kate and i painted the picture frame for our acorn project and soon I will hot glue the acorn caps to the frame. And then I really need to start my pillows soon... my mother in law wrote what dimensions I need to cut so we'll see if they turn out! and kate has been continuing to go on the potty, we just stuff a baby diaper (size 1) in there, and she pees on it. Sounds silly I know, but it is the next step!!! Because the drips roll off the diaper into the potty, she dumps everything in the toilet as if she were just peeing in the potty.  it was relatively easy for this advancement and I owe it all to God. Hopefully soon we can progress to no diapers at all and her fear will be completely gone. well, that's all for now. I better get busy with laundry.

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  1. Yay for the rummage sale(that was really fun btw..nice to have something to do!)

    I am so happy that Kate is having better luck with potty training! I could tell she was really excited, too, when she was pouring her potty in the toilet to flush it. She was excited that we were so excited! I told her later that I was really proud of her and she smiled. I am so, so proud of her!! I am proud of you too for sticking with it and being creative in finding other options for Kate to try and for acknowledging her fear and working with it! Good job to everyone!!