Monday, June 14, 2010


Well it seems like every week there's more and more things added to my list.  I got quite a lot checked off this weekend, (To my surprise) and that made me super happy. I got quite a lot done on my quilt, i finished staining my door (hallelujah) and I did some work on the shrubs. This week I've got Kate's birthday to prepare for, which really isnt much because I purposely am trying to make it as low key as possible. The invitations were easy, which i forgot to post and will soon, and the food is going to be super easy too. Nothing really to prepare for except the cake, and that will be the easiest cake I'll have made so far.  I suppose I will make some ice cream but that won't take long. 

Last night I took away Maddy's bottle, which is completely embarrassing on my part, but I couldnt help it. I just didnt want to let go of my baby. But it's time now, and we read a book and she didnt even cry! She still has the pacifier but I will wait a couple weeks to take that away. 

Today I plan to do laundry, work more on my quilt, and try to de-clutter. Emily (cousin on Hvidsten side) is coming over to help watch the kids so I can get some things done. I hope to get a lot accomplished today. Later I will post some pictures of my progress with the quilt, but for now I've got to go!!

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