Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Sickness

Well, i am SICK of this rain!! That's for sure.  It frustrates me because they don't need anymore rain for the crops and I know they have to get some spraying done... particularly for a beet field that has a not so good disease on it, and these rainy conditions are perfect for it to thrive. 

Peter has the flu now.  I am just anticipating that I am next.  It's so weird. It's like the bug is inside of us the whole time, and as soon as one person gets over it, it activates in another.  I wish all of them would have gotten sick at the same time, then it wouldn't be going on 2 weeks almost since Kate got sick.  It lasts several days too.  I just know that when/if I get it,  there will be no one to take care of me, or the kids. It's not like Peter can stay home from work, unless its rainy again.  I just want my family to be healthy again!!!!!!!

Kate is turning 3 next Wednesday.  As much as I miss when she was a little baby, I am excited for this upcoming year. As they get older they learn to talk better and it's fun having conversations with her and finally knowing what she's actually saying. (most of the time)  Its fun to hear her sing.... i bet she can sing at least 30-40 songs. Mostly, I am so excited to see Maddy and Kate play.  I remember when Kate turned 2. I had her in cute toddler clothes and she seemed so old. Here is her baby picture, and the next is when she turned 2

She is wearing my heels. :)   I am excited for Maddy to be that age.  Well that's all for now.

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