Monday, June 7, 2010

Boy, or Girl?

We missed church on Sunday.   Last Sunday before bed, kate threw up.  So, a whole 6 days later, Maddy wakes up with vomit in her crib. I was to sing in church and bring a salad for potluck and plus we had been looking forward to it all week (like every week, we look forward to going to church).  Oh well. It was a disappointing day, mostly because I wasn't looking forward to the few days ahead of taking care of a sick baby, but it was much better than Kate's episode. Kate hardly ate for 3 days and had no energy, and wouldn't drink anything. I had to basically briber her saying she'd have to go to bed, unless she drank some juice/water or ate something.  Finally it ended up working but it was really exhausting. Plus we couldnt do anything all day, which was really hard for us all since we are used to going outside most of the day. Thankfully Maddy has been good, besides the clingy part and not wanting to take a nap unless she is sleeping in my arms, which isnt necessarily a bad thing :)  I hope I dont get it.  Who will take care of me?

Anyway, tomorrow my sister in law is scheduled to be induced.  It feels like it has been a long time since she first told me she was pregnant (back in early October) but then again it seems like it has gone quickly, mostly because I kept forgetting she was pregnant.  I am in shock that she will be having a newborn baby in her house very soon.  Part of me is scared that her family will get the sickness that we have.  I am praying they don't because that would be absolutely miserable.  I am going to make a guess on names.  I am guessing that if it's a boy, it will be Nicholas. If it is a girl, it will be... Claire.   I am not really sure what sex it will be though.  I guess in my heart I feel like it is a girl, and I know i am totally off on the girl name but have a slight suspicion i have the boy name right.  Anyway,  I am also praying that peter and I will not be having anymore children for at least a couple years :)  Well gotta go, it's 9 pm and peter is home from work!

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