Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I know I just posted... but I wanted to let you know a blog has been updated.  Heart For Haiti is a blog that writes about what they see in their clinic.  Sometime's I dont even know why I check -- it makes me depressed to see how these children are suffering. Let me remind you that this cases are not from the earthquake!!  I have realized that this earthquake, which clearly has killed many thousands of people, and many are suffering...but I feel like this earthquake is a WAKE UP CALL!!!  WAKE UP!!   This is what is happening there, and everywhere!   I can't believe I was so blind.  I just feel sick to my stomach and poor me, I am hurting for these kids... but they are the ones that can't even move without feeling like they are going to die. They are the ones that cannot even digest a small amount of food before their body rejects it. They are the ones that are starving to death! Literally, starving to death. Could you imagine your one year old or any child of yours in so much pain he can't even move? Think of how many children are going through this!   Lord I just pray that you will help them... help these children get better, help their bodies be able to take in nutrition and food. Help somebody help them. 

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