Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mirlene died.  She wasn't even at the rescue center that long... but she was 4, weighed 28 pounds, and died. I had been praying really hard for her on Thursday, all day long, so when I found out Friday night before date night that she had died, I was crushed.  I could hardly stop thinking about it.  It's just not fair. It's hard for me not to feel guilty for having a nice home with two beautiful healthy kids, when I know every second of the day someone there is in pain and hungry and dying.  It's just not fair. But at least she is not suffering anymore.

I guess they are getting ready to ship the container to the rescue center soon. Here is an email I received from Debbie who is in charge of collections. This is what she said:
Hi Kristen,

Zach called today from RHFH and he will be in Indiana on Tuesday. We need to finish packing and get the semi container to Haiti by April 20-22 so that he can try to get it through DUTY FREE by April 30th. It has to make it all the way through customs before that date. (could save $3,000 but can't guarantee because we have to get it THROUGH customs).

SO -- we must call in all orders and get them packed so we can organize the semi the second week. Last items needed are pallets of food, especially peanut butter. He may also be sending some of the pallets of medicine to Minnesota so that he can balance the trucks.

I'm going to start looking for shipping sponsorships. I'm still going to need to raise the $10,000 in case we don't get the container all the way through in time (can't predict everything that will happen). We have about $1,500 so far. People can get a tax deduction by going to and sending money through paypal or directly to Indiana. It needs to be marked Minnesota shipping.
This is going to happen!!!!

If you can help, IN ANY WAY, please.... it would mean so much to me.  I wish I had a ton of viewers so that my blog could help advertise. Even if you have a blog or facebook to help spread the word, I would be so greatful

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