Saturday, March 13, 2010

Potty Training

ooh... will somebody help us.  We decided to try it again. In previous days of trying, little kate would hold her pee and poo until she got a diaper. And when she needed to go, we knew because she would cry "diaper..".  So, she would be dry until nap time, and was really uncomfortable especially during lunch time that she wouldnt eat. And then she wouldnt nap because she would pee a bunch, or even poop as soon as she got into her bed.   So, today we thought we'd be smart and skip her nap. I think we started at 11. So, 3:00 came and she still had not gone.  We set her on the potty to watch Elmo and still... she would not go. But she cried and cried.  I brought her to the bathroom and went potty, and also put the water on, tried to put warm water on her tush to make her go, and we tried putting maddy on there to pretend she had gone. When it began to trickle down her legs we'd put her on the potty again... still... she would not go.  She was walking around on her tippy toes, just barely holding it was obvious that she had to go.  She was so uncomfortable. But she would not go.  So, we didnt want to go backwards and give her a diaper because then she would know that she can do this every we put her in the bath, thinking she would go in there. The water ran, she relaxed a little in the bath tub, but as soon as she got out she asked for a diaper.  We put one on, and we changed her twice in a half hour and the diapers were full. (we rate our diapers, 1 being hardly a drop in, to 10 being really full... hers was a 3 both times)   so, this is really hard for us because we dont really know what to do. I guess if she isnt ready, she isnt ready.  But the fact that she can hold it...even in a bath (and not wanting to go even in the bath) makes me a little confused....what is wrong?

I am really scared we wont be able to fix this problem  Go to Won't Potty website, lots of other moms in my boat :(

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